Saturday, March 20, 2010

On the First Day of Spring...

the weather forecast brought to us...

a few inches of sleet and snow.

Happy spring to us!

If you look in that second picture, notice the white splotches on the black pavement. Those are snowflakes. Except they looked more like snowballs falling from the sky. They were the biggest "flakes" (a BUNCH of flakes all falling together I guess) that I have ever seen. It really looked like cotton or feathers falling from the sky. Crazy weather since yesterday was a beautiful day, in the 60's I believe...

Nothing like the first day of spring in Arkansas!

PS More to come was a very busy and long day!


  1. Oh no. THat's terrible on the first day of spring! We were celebrating the fact that we 'hopefully' won't have any more snow (knock on wood!). :)

  2. Yuck! We had that happen 2 years ago on the Friday we got out for spring break; it looked more like Christmas break than spring break when I was driving home that day! We finally got a day or two of nice weather this week. I hope this wintery mix is over and heads out so you can enjoy your spring break!!


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