Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Gratitude Journal Begins...

One of the goals I have this year is to read more, both for pleasure and for growth (of myself). 

For whatever reason, I found several books all at the same time I want to read. So I broke one of my own rules and started reading them all.  I typically only read one at a time.

One book is called The Best Yes.

Another book is called Live Well, Spend Less.

And the third book is called One Thousand Gifts.

So far I am enjoying all three, though I have a feeling there will be some growing pains (for me) as I read more of them.

Anyway, in the book One Thousand Gifts, the author keeps a gratitude journal.

I started thinking about how I love my Thankful Thursdays.

And then I realized a gratitude journal was just what I wanted to do to.

Partly because I do have so much to be grateful for.

And partly because I need to be reminded of what I have to be grateful for.

Because I sometimes struggle.

With discontentment.

Maybe not sometimes.

Maybe a lot of times.


Here is a sampling of what I have added to my gratitude journal thus far (and is my Thankful Thursday post as well):
  • Fun notepads (a Christmas gift from Child 3) to use for a gratitude journal
  • A clear and organized kitchen counter
  • Fuzzy warm slippers on my feet on a cold night
  • Reading glasses that magnify the words on a page
  • Pressing the snooze button for just a few more minutes of rest
  • Outside recess
  • Sushi dates with my husband
  • The quiet of the house when I am the first one awake
  • My new Wow Hits CD
  • Journaling with my daughter to learn more about who she is
  • A sweet memory text from my sister out of the blue
  • The look of complete adoration of Marley's face as she waits for me to pet her
  • Melted butter on a warm roll
  • The sweet spirit of forgiveness
  • A gift of medicine samples from the doctor

What are you grateful for this week?


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