Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Family Goal, Week 3...

I know, I know, my last post was a bit lengthy.

There was just so much to say, so many thoughts buzzing around in my mind. 

The thought of that whole day still makes me smile and warms my heart.

Because I was so touched by different acts of kindness this past weekend we experienced, I decided to incorporate that into our family goal for the week.

This is what is hanging on our refrigerator currently.

Cloud Family Word for 2015:

Week 3 Rule:
We were blessed with a random act of kindness this weekend.  I am still smiling.  Make others smile this week with acts of kindness. Try to make at least one “random” (where they don’t know it is you) but do at least one kind act a day.  Be ready to share!

What I didn't realize was next week is a special week of kindness challenge at school. Our students (including two of my own kids) were given a list of ways to be kind to check off throughout the week to demonstrate kindness.

So I guess we are getting a head start. :) 

Oh, let me tell you that though I started the family goal to teach my own kids some life lessons, I do participate. And throughout the day, I try to remind myself of our goal to make sure I have something to share!

Yesterday the kids were off of school for MLK Jr. Day.  I did have school, but just meetings. And Hubs worked as usual. So we did all share a kind act at dinner, but it was all very minor since we were all pretty limited in who we saw for the day.  Tonight we shared again. I will not post what was shared because I am trying to show the kids that we don't do kind acts for compliments or glory.  But I will say that it was exciting and so touching to hear what everyone did today.  In fact, one brought me to tears.  I loved how excited everyone was to share too; I hope that those kind acts touch their hearts as much as they do the hearts of others.  I am already looking forward to tomorrow's share time!

More soon,

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