Friday, January 2, 2015

The Word for the Year...

A couple years ago I heard something about adopting a "word" for the year. I never really had done that though I often got to the end of the year and thought, "Oh, ____ pretty much sums up this year..."

Last year I decided to go for it.

In fact, I didn't just choose a word for me, I carefully chose one for each of the kids.  I wrote them a letter detailing the highlights of the year before then sharing what I hoped they would focus on for the year.

I will just say they all made strides with their words, some more than others. :)

As for me, I kind of had a word but I didn't make much stride with it.

Well, here it is. A new year.  Time for new words.

Last night I typed up letters for the kids and left them at their breakfast spot to find this morning.

The words this year (in no particular order):  Kindness.  Pride (which sounds funny but it is taking pride in their role as God's child).  Self-Control. Determination.

All day long I pondered what my own word would be.

I have to admit.

It wasn't easy.

Not that I am perfect.

Oh, no.

Far from that.

More like there are so many areas to choose from.

I wrestled with words like contentment (big struggle).  Rest (much needed). Forgiveness (also much needed). Joy (much needed after last year). Balance.

But none seemed to be just the right fit.

Then last night it came to me.

Or maybe I just heard it.


I need to listen.

Listen to God. I am always pouring out my prayer requests to Him. But I am NOT good about being still and listening.

Listen to my heart.

Listen to the Word.

Listen to wise and godly friends.

Listen to my family. As in putting electronics and phones and even chores to the side to just listen.

So, there it is.

My word.

We will see how I do...

What is your word for the year?


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  1. My word is motivation. I need a lot of it to get some big things done. Things that have weighed me down.


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