Sunday, January 4, 2015

Our Family Word

Yes, three posts in one week.  I know, I know, I am shocked myself. It is my goal to blog more this year though I can't promise it will be quite this frequently once school starts back this week.

I mentioned the other day that we each have a "word" for 2015.  This year I decided we would also adopt a family word.  This word has been on my heart and mind for some time. To make sure we really focus on our word, our family "rule" (we have a weekly goal/rule) will focus on this word throughout the year.

Our word?


What is being considerate?

Showing awareness or regard for another's feelings.

Or in my words, "thinking of others first".

I worry that in today's world, we have lost sight of being considerate.

The other day I had a car nearly run into me at a three way stop. I was 3/4 of the way through the intersection when the other driver decided to go. I am guessing someone was on the phone or not paying attention because I was clearly in the intersection. The best part? The person honked at me.  Really?

Or go to a restaurant. Just watch the conversations going on. Or at least partial ones. One person is talking. Another has their eyes glued to their phone.

Or spend a little time on Facebook. Watch the pictures of "get togethers" or "parties".  The same pictures that some kids (and grown ups) are going to see knowing they were never invited.

I cringe when I read online reviews or commentary or comments to news posts.  I think it has become too easy to become an "anonymous" voice throwing criticism and personal opinion around. I believe we forget that there is a person behind the story, a real person with feelings. 

I can't change the world.

But I can hopefully bring awareness to my family (and myself).

Thus our family word.

So here is what our first rule of the year is (posted on the fridge and referred to often) as it pertains to our word...

Cloud Family Word for 2015:

Week 1 Rule:
You are NOT the only person who lives in this house. Clean up after yourselves when you make your food, when you eat, when you leave a room.  If you use the last of a food, do NOT leave the empty box/wrapper.  If you spill something, clean it up.  Think about the other people in our house.  Leave rooms as nice or nicer when you leave them.

I don't expect this will happen overnight. In fact, I have already had to remind at least two children about cleaning up their areas after they ate dinner.  But hopefully just by focusing on it this week, I will plant a seed.  And maybe, just maybe, one day the seed will grow.



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