Friday, January 9, 2015

Thankful Thursday 2015

If you knew the kind of week I was having, you might be surprised that I am writing a Thankful Thursday post. :)

I am kind of surprised myself.

But, no matter what, there ARE some things to be thankful for this week.

Things like...
  • Heat!  Because, baby, it is cold out there!
  • supportive administrators
  • my workouts with co-workers after school. I get to work out a lot of stress.  And the workouts (or maybe it is my workout companions)  provide some laughter in my life.
  • butter. It makes everything taste better.
  • thank you notes/messages.
  • the beach. 
  • journaling with my daughter.
  • quiet times.
  • a hot shower.
  • my kids' teachers.
  • watching child 4 snuggle with his dad. 
  • watching a movie with my two older children.
  • new pajamas (especially with dachshunds on them)
  • baked potato soup on a cold day (even better in a warm bread bowl)
  • ibuprofen.
  • prayers of friends.
  • organized kitchen drawers.
  • music as I fall asleep.
  • a beautiful moon in the sky.
  • colorful sunrises; it is like the sky is painted just for me!
  • my trusty van (with its heated seats).
  • my new Wow Hits CD, all my favorite songs of last year in one place.
  • Marley pup. It is like having my own personal heater.
  • dinner dates with the Hubs.
  • sunshine. After the dreary month we had in December, I treasure the sunshine.
  • dehydrated pears. Yum!
  • clean clothes.
  • medicine samples from the doctor, an incredible blessing.
  • life.  No matter how challenging it is.
What are you thankful for this week?


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  1. There you are.... I was really worried about you. I am thankful for your post. You have such words of wisdom.


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