Saturday, January 31, 2015

Looking Ahead...

Two posts in two days.  I am on a roll. :)

Here we are, the first month of 2015 is over.  All month long I have been posting goals for the year on Facebook. I thought it would be a good idea to share them all here, partially for me so I can remember what I am working on this year and partially for you to hold me accountable. Some are on-time goals while others are long-term. I know I won't do them perfectly (I have already missed or messed up some) but my hope is that I will continue to strive to do these things.  And when I fail (and I will), I will pick myself up and dust myself off and try again.

In 2015, I will try to...

  • treasure each day. Time is precious (and fleeting). I want to live without regret, live in the here and now (even the messy parts), and treasure the days given to me.
  • be strong enough to do real push-ups. (I am still working on this one. I can do a few but then have to switch back to "girlie" push-ups.)
  • get back to blogging regularly. (I am off to a good start; let's see if I can keep it up)
  • cut our weekly grocery bill in half. (I did fairly well in January. We will see if I can continue.)
  • spend 15 minutes a day organizing my classroom. (Some days I get to this, others I don't. But I will continue to work on it.)
  • make time for my family. (As in parents, sibling, grandmother)  Time is so stretched many days with the "busyness" of life but I MUST carve out time whether it is grabbing lunch with my mom or sending a text to my sister...
  • declutter/simplify/organize our house.  I am by decluttering 15 minutes a day thanks to declutter 365 (I have done well until this last week but should get back on track this week)
  • work out at least 200 minutes a week.
  • make time for my God every day. I am trying for mornings but on days like today when that doesn't happen, we meet in the afternoon/evening...
  • finish the common area upstairs. (Cheap but cute is the style I am going for...)
  • truly make Sunday a day of rest. I am still working on what that looks like for me, but so far, I have truly dedicated it to a day of rest for me. More on that later.
  • put my phone down more often. I can't totally disregard it but I have got to pay more attention to life than my screen!
  • keep a gratitude journal all year. (I have really enjoyed doing this and look forward to sitting down with my journal each night.  I also have found that I look at the world a little differently when I search for "gratitudes".)
  • walk 1250 miles this year.
  • simplify my life through decluttering. (I am taking a hard look at things as I organize each day, and if I don't need them now or some time in the future, they are out of here!)
  • listen. Really listen. To God, my husband, my kids, my friends, my students.
  • involve my kids more in the planning and cooking of meals. (Starting in February)
  • be more intentional in what I say and write.
  • get my garage cleaned out and organized!
  • take more pictures of everyday life (but not so many that I forget to LIVE that life...).
  • start saying thank you more often. Not just to friends and family but to servers, store clerks, teachers, kind strangers.
  • read more (for pleasure and for personal growth). I have a stack next to my bed, and I have four started right now with more to come. I just need to work on making time for it...
  • learn how to make flour tortillas.
  • declutter my e-mail inboxes (delete, unsubscribe, whatever is necessary).
  • learn how to make good biscuits.
  • start using a coupon or two. It isn't easy finding coupons for things we actually eat but there are some out there and I rarely ever use them!
  • stop driving back by my house to make sure I put the garage door down. Not ONE time has it not been down.
  • clean out our unused computer armoire to sell. (My husband will be SO happy when we actually do that...)
  • continue my weekly dates with my main man.
  • laugh more than I cry.
  • forgive. Others and myself. Because they are going to fail over and over. And much to my chagrin, so will I.
So, what are your goals, dreams, hopes for the year?


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  1. No more regrets is my number one goal. However now I am starting to second and third guess a decision before I make it. ugh!


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