Monday, May 3, 2010

Esther's House

This will be short and sweet. I am knee deep in paperwork right now. This is going to be a humdinger of a week. I am hopeful that at some point I will sleep but it won't be today!

The other day I read an article in the paper about a local family that traveled to Africa for about three months to help start an orphanage. I was fascinated with the story, especially after seeing that the family had four children...four young children. Even more of those children is adopted.

I then read that the family had their experiences recorded. Our television station is airing it for the next few weeks. I knew I had to set our DVR.

Last night I watched the first episode of Esther's House. And I cried. I know, big surprise with me. :) Wow. That was all I could say. Wow.

Tonight our house is in disarray. We had our third round of carpet put in today. It is a neverending saga I think. Anyway, I let the kids know that even though we had things everywhere, we were going to take a few minutes to watch this episode together.

We all settled in and watched the beginning. The kids were captivated. Well, most of them. The youngest was very three...short attention. He was captivated for a few minutes though. :) Child 3 was watching the show with interest. As the family on the show shared about the heartbreaking conditions they encountered, including so many orphans, her wheels started churning. She began to ask me where the parents were for those kids. She commented about how sad they must be to not have a mom and dad. She also said that people with moms and dads were probably glad that they have one.

Those words alone brought tears to my eyes. But what touched my heart even more? As she was sharing these things with me, it became apparent that she in no way identified with those kids. She empathized with them but she didn't identify with them.

Wow again.

Our little girl has no qualms. She has a mom and dad.


PS Child 1 didn't say much but Child 2 noticed the mention of AIDS in Africa and how short the lives are for many of the people. My favorite part? Too many to name. But I love the honesty of the mom of the show. I look forward to future episodes so we can learn more about this family and their experiences.

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