Monday, May 24, 2010

I Don't Wanna...

I found the blog of a little girl recently. She caught my eye because she was adopted (from Serbia). She had a heart defect, physically but definitely not emotionally. Her family was finally able to bring her home last fall. They knew that she had a hard road ahead of her with surgeries along the way. However, they were committed to one another. Just in the past couple of months, little Chrissie (please forgive any errors in information...I am relying on my memory which is not always reliable) had open heart surgery. Unfortunately, Chrissie develoiped some complications. And sadly, she passed away this past week.

I watched/listened to little Chrissie's memorial service via the blog (click on her name above) the other day and cried through the whole thing. Chrissie sounded like a really neat little girl with a big heart for her family and for life. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish of a family that waited and waited to bring her home and now is separated from her again. :( Yet in spite of the sadness, her family has an incredible faith. And that is what the post is about (click on her name above :) from her blog. Read it and weep, then read it again and take it to heart. I promise your life will be changed...


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