Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mommy Stripes

There are few times in life I feel like I earn my "mommy stripes".

Some days I feel like I am playing dress up. Some days just go smoothly and I don't feel like I have contributed much to the lives of my children. Other days I am emotionally exhausted and "check out" (not physically, just mentally); I don't feel like much of a mommy on those days either.

There are times though, once in a while, that I feel like I truly earn my mommy stripes.

You know, times like...
  • when your child throws up just feet from the bathroom and you (possibly with a roll of the eyes and a sigh) help clean both the floor and the child up without (too much) complaint.
  • when it is after midnight and you are waiting for the cookies you are baking for a child's school event to be done so you can go to bed.
  • when you run home from school on your lunch break just to put some food in the crockpot so your family has something good to eat that night.
  • when you listen to a two hour tantrum and don't lose your cool (even when you feel like it).
  • when you give up the last string cheese for a hungry child even though you had your heart set on it.
  • when you spend the day rocking a sick child rather than hitting all of the things on your to do list.
  • when you really want to come home and take a long afternoon nap but instead get dinner on the table, help with homework, and throw in a game of Memory.
  • when you throw a pair of jeans in the washing machine at midnight because your child is just convinced he/she MUST have them tomorrow.
  • when you trade in your very favorite vehicle (Honda Accord) for a minivan that you thought you would NEVER drive but now must out of necessity.
  • when you find yourself up at all hours of the night conversing with experts (often parents themselves) and reading literature about how to help your child who is struggling with life.
  • when you wait for months (and sometimes years) for the call that you can finally bring your child home after much prayer, tears, and ups and downs.
  • when you find yourself going to DisneyWorld for vacation rather than the Bahamas because you know what memories your child will hold dear to their heart.
  • when your shopping trips consist of 90% shopping for kids, maybe 10% for yourself.
  • when your heart breaks for a heart broken child.
  • when the words "I wish I had a different family" crush your soul in a way you never knew words could, yet your love for your child grows.
  • when you are separated from your child, no matter how young or old, through his/her untimely death. It hasn't happened to me yet but has happened to many dear friends...:(

How did you earn your mommy stripes?


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