Friday, May 7, 2010

Maria's Mother's Day Madness

So today child 3 brought home a laminated sheet for me for Mother's Day. On one side, it has a sweet poem with a cute little painted handprint. The other side has a questionnaire about her momma; the answers were dictated to her teacher. Here are the questions followed by her answers followed by MY responses in bold print...

1. What is your mother's name? Reba (She knows that one; she and the youngest ask me that regularly)
2. How old is your mother? 59 (Seriously...59? My parents aren't even 59! When I asked her about that she said, "Well, I didn't know...)
3. What is your mother's favorite color? dark blue (She did get that right. Why would I have preferred her to get the age thing right or at least err on the OTHER side rather than this one? :)
4. What is her favorite food? spaghetti and shrimp (not necessarily together...she had wide range on this one because I have a lot of "favorite" foods. I do eat spaghetti a sauce. And I will eat shrimp most days.)
5. What does your mom like to do for fun? go to my sister's gymnastics (I had to laugh on that one. I don't know if it is "for fun" but Mark and I do look forward to our turn to do that because for one hour, you get to just chill. There may be other children around but they aren't ours. We can play on the computer, read, whatever...Apparently this child has picked up on that.)
6. If I could buy my mom anything, I would buy her...a new shirt. (I will always take one of those :)
7. My mom likes to go out to eat at...Catfish Hole. (I can't really deny that one)
8. What does your mom cook best? square sandwiches (Those are little ham sandwiches I make on Hawaiian sweet rolls; you pour mustard and some other things over the top. She LOVES them and will eat as many as I let her)
9. What is your favorite thing to do with your mom? Go outside and play on the monkey bars (I guess that means it is HER favorite thing...I do not play on monkey bars. I usually just sit in the sun on the porch swing watching.)
10. What is your mother's favorite song? ones about God (We have a Christian contemporary station in our area that I listen to any time I am in the car. She can probably sing as many of the songs as I can.)
11. What does she like to watch on TV? America's Funniest Home Videos (That is HER favorite TV show. I have told her over and over that I am not that crazy about it...I really don't watch much TV if they are up)
12. My mom doesn't like to...get unhappy at other people because they hit and scratch. (hmmm, wonder where she would get that idea?)
13. My mom looks pretty when she...wears a ponytail and a black and white and blue dress. (I just started wearing ponytails on occasion because my hair is longer and it drives me crazy. She thinks it is so fun that I do. :)
14. I love my mom because... she lets me go to bed early and lets me watch TV. (I am not sure she meant "early" because she balks every time I tell her to go to bed. And we do let her watch TV once in a while but it is before she goes to TVs in kids' rooms!)

Just had to share my little gift. :)


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  1. I usd to love doing the same Mother's Day things with preschool and Kindergarten. The best one I ever had was "My mom is as pretty as a... fish." That mom wasn't too happy. :)
    Have a great Mother's Day!


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