Sunday, May 16, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Mark just returned from a very long week (or it was to me anyway) from Vegas. He attends a conference every other year there, always right around Mother's Day. The other years the conference is in New York. Due to the busyness of school (and those four kids living here :), I never get to attend. I have never been to either city.

A couple months ago, Mark told me that he needed to go to Vegas again in June for another conference. Please don't ask me about what; I have no idea. I just know it has to do with work. He thought it might be fun if I joined him. It happens to be the week we are finished with school (I will have a day or two at home before we leave). We were excited about the possibility of getting away. We usually do that in August, but this opportunity just presented itself. I had heard wonderful stories of how cheap it is to get to Vegas, so this seemed like a perfect thing to do.

Well, I think much of the year it IS cheap. Not so much in June.

We probably should have just "passed" for me. We are not lacking for priorities in the "wants" category of things that cost money.

Next thing I know, Mark bought us the tickets. Of course, his will be paid for. Mine won't. It was more than we should have paid. But it is done. So now I am heading to Vegas in just a few weeks.

What to do, what to do...


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  1. I'll go in your place if you don't wanna go! Forget the cost and enjoy the time with Mark!


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