Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pitter Patter

My big boys were gone last night. Our fifth graders go to a Nature Center every year for an overnight field trip. As our oldest son's teacher explained it, the kids learn more in two days of activities there than they would in a month in the classroom (or something like that). This child has been ready to go since third grade I think! He also had his heart set on his daddy going as a chaperone. I won't go into the long story but that almost didn't happen. But then it did. So last night they were gone.

I am used to Mark going out of town. I won't say I ever like it but it is part of his job. Unfortunately we have a longer stretch of his absence next week. Ugh! And our oldest has been away from home on occasion, so that isn't new. What is new/different is having both boys gone at the same time. It just felt very strange.

After lunch, my stomach started getting butterflies waiting for the classes to get back. Around 2:15, I left my intern in charge for a moment to return some papers to the office. When I left the office, I thought I might check to see if there were any buses full of wiped out fifth graders. I peeked out the door just in time to see a bus pulling up. I watched for a minute then saw Mark walk off the bus, our son right behind him.

We have been married over 13 years...together about 14 I think.

Even all of these years later, I still feel my heart go pitter patter when I see him (some days, some days not as much :). I ran out the door and jumped up in his arms. I missed him so much. Then I felt our son's arms wrap around my legs. I missed him too.

I hope that pitter patter never goes away.


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