Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

Well, another night I was just sure I was going to get out some posts and thoughts that I had hoped to get out. Big mistake on my part. I am Single Mommy tonight...Mark is out of town. I have been running around (and throwing in some exercise) with very little time to sit down. Not that I haven't missed it...I have. I love my computer time. It is my "down time". Just not today (which is really yesterday but if I haven't been to bed, the day is still the same day to me :)

Today of course was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The kids did not have school (thanks, Grams!) but I had in-service. The youngest did go ahead and go to his school. Sometimes keeping his schedule as normal and consistent as possible helps. Oh, he had his second day (with that promise of playing the Leapster later hanging over his head :) of NO crying! He loves school. He just doesn't like drop off. But we are getting there. :)

Tonight I was thinking (sorry, totally random thoughts today. It is late or early depending on how you look at it, so logical and deep thought flew out the window a few hours ago), it is getting easier. Not EASY but EASIER. I made most of dinner without interruption. I did have to deal with a little behavior issue, but for the most part, I worked without much interference. It seems like just last month, oh, wait, it WAS last month, a little person wrapped himself around my leg as I tried to cook. We were talking recently how going out to eat has gotten easier. Child 4can usually drink out of a cup with a straw. He sometimes uses a bib depending on the food, but can do fine without it. We do try to take our Table Toppers, but again, we are fine if we don't. It is getting easier. Well, sometimes...

Please continue to pray for Jill and Jeremy, my friends I mentioned yesterday. He had some of his tests today and some polyps were present. Now there is more waiting for the pathology report. (We were hoping for clear reports all around) The waiting is SOOO hard. Please pray for peace as they wait and of course, a clean bill of health. Also, please continue to pray for my mother in law. I think her test results will be available tomorrow/today.

Since I am mentioning prayer requests, I need to throw in two families in our area who are STILL waiting for kiddos in Guatemala. Adoptions have slowed down (the existing ones...all others are closed) tremendously. We have two sets of friends still waiting for their children to be approved. On top of it all, Guatemala had an earthquake today. Thankfully, there was no damage (or reported, last I checked) but as a mom, imagining your child without you in an earthquake...heartbreaking! Please pray that both kids will be home THIS year! They started shortly after we did to give you a time frame.

I don't think I ever mentioned my New Year's "goals". I actually didn't start ON New Year's...more like last week when I returned to school. I am exercising daily. Instead of sticking to the "mandatory" half hour, I am trying to actually go a little above. I am trying to be more faithful with the Wii Active which is a BIG workout for me. And I try to throw in some walking, aerobics, elliptical, etc. Another "goal" is our house. We are trying to clean up and clean out. It is a long process, and I know that going into it. I figure if I can do just one thing a day (and most days I do more) to better our house that goes above and beyond our normal house routines, then I am making progress! Going back to the "it is getting easier" argument above, one area that I have been cleaning out is Joshua's dishes. He doesn't need some of the specialty plates or cups he once used. So we are passing them on to whoever wants them. My final "goal" was to re-ignite my passion for Him. Last year I clung to a quiet faith, a steady faith, especially in light of some sorrow and pain experienced by friends. This year, I want that passion back. That means getting back in the Word. One thing I am going to do is an on-line Bible Study with some other teachers in the area. I am looking forward to that accountability as well as having this time to grow but at times that are convenient and possible in our daily lives!

I know, I know, I am rambling. I must get to bed. Early to rise tomorrow...

More later.

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