Friday, January 15, 2010

Out of the Mouths...

of babes.

Yesterday I wore a skirt to school. Sometimes I feel like I just wear the same things over and over, so every once in a while, I like to mix it up. Child 3 looked at me and said, "Mom! You cannot wear that! That is for church!"

When I got to school, one of my kiddos looked at me and with a big smile told me I looked gorgeous. (their word, not mine) Doesn't that make the heart feel good? Shortly afterward another kiddo came up to let me know about my hair. I had showered that morning and just left it straight. The child looked at me and said, "You hair looks really nice...NOW." Gotta love kinder kid honesty!

Last night we had to run all over the place. Child 2 had gymnastics right after school. Child 1 had swimming. The boys had haircuts. Child 2 had basketball practice. It was just one of those days. Child 3 asked what we were having for dinner. I told her sadly that we were going to have to have dinner on our own (free choice) because I didn't have time to cook. She grinned from ear to ear and yelled "Woohoo! I love that!" Makes me wonder why I am cooking on occasion...(I really am not a bad cook and generally make good things everyone likes)

Forgot to do my gratitude journal is today's (that may cover the last two days since I am behind)...
  1. I am thankful for a father who doesn't say (at least out loud) that I am crazy when I ask him to come to our house and set our DVR for a show (can you guess which one?) because we were on our way to dinner and forgot...and even better, he did it. Isn't he awesome?
  2. I am thankful for a husband who fixes the kids' breakfasts every morning (when we are in school). It gives me a few minutes of just "me" time.
  3. My class. I have a very sweet bunch this year. I always enjoy teaching and this group makes it even more fun!
I better go. Oh, before I go, I am going to throw out a prayer request. Mark got a text message yesterday from his mom that she was having an MRI done because there was some kind of mass on her brain. It turns out there is something on the pituitary gland. The test results are not in yet about what it is they are dealing with. Either way, she will be having surgery soon. Please pray for her peace as she waits for test results and for the doctor's wisdom!

I will try to be a better blogger this weekend! This new exercise schedule is wearing me out. I thought exercise was supposed to give me more energy. :)


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