Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week End Wrap Up

I know that on the calendar Sunday is the start of the week. However, when you are a teacher (or a student), you live on a different calendar. Your year is August to August. And your week starts on Mondays. So I can honestly say this is a wrap up of the week because in my mind, the week is just now coming to a close. :)

We had a good weekend. It wasn't as busy as it has been which was a nice treat. However, you would think I would have accomplished a whole lot more since I didn't have many places to be!

We started the weekend with a basketball game. Child 2 had a game at 8 a.m. yesterday. Ow! Saturdays are meant for sleeping in. I don't like to miss her games, but we do have other kids too. So, Mark took her (and met up with Child 1 who had spent the night with my parents), while I stayed at home and let the little ones wake up on their own time. Our days are much more pleasant that way! (They unfortunately don't sleep in like I want them too, but they did sleep until 8:15 or so). Through Facebook and Mark, it sounds like she played pretty well. Her team is undefeated which makes her very happy. She definitely has my competitive spirit, though I didn't use mine in athletics...only academics. I admire that about her. She is a hard worker and very "coachable". It has been fun to watch her play. Hopefully next week's game will be later so I really CAN watch her play!

Last night we had taco night. I don't know why it is our one of our favorites, but it is. We eat it up. Yum! It is one of the few meals everyone will eat without complaint, even though they all like different parts of it.

Today we went to church. All of us. Nobody was sick or out of town. That may be miracle #1. Miracle #2 is the youngest. Every single Sunday he willingly goes to church but within a few feet of his class door, this magnetic force (invisible :) seems to come down and prevent him from walking in willingly. Suddenly we are passing his limp body over to the teacher as he cries for us down the hallway. Loads of fun, especially since we have been going to the same church for...his whole life with us. Thankfully all of the teachers are sweet and patient and just take him as he is. And by the time we pick him up, he is having a good time. Well today he told us he wasn't going to cry. We of course said "Sure..." Guess what? He didn't! Mark said not only did he not cry, he willingly walked in, handed his teacher his backpack, kissed Mark on the leg, then went off to play. It really is a miracle.

The last miracle was that I offered up our house for the Bible Fellowship Super Bowl party. You would have to know me to know why that is a miracle. For one thing, we usually go to my parents' house which is nice. They have a fun playroom for the little ones, which means I can watch the commercials in peace (since I am not a die hard fan of pro football). Another thing isn't that I don't like to socialize. I do. I don't even mind entertaining, though I am not sure how entertaining I am (no comments please). I just worry about how organized the house will be. I will want it to be perfect, and even then, it won't be good enough. Our house is a decent size...we all live here comfortably. But it isn't nearly as big as many others I know. Plus I am not a decorator at all. So this is no Southern Living home. All that stresses me out a bit...I am afraid it will be a disappointment. (The one thing we do have going for us is that big t.v. we won through the Panasonic Living in HD program!) So I was torn. But I think once I get over the feelings of panic, it will be a lot of fun!

I can never remember what I said on Facebook and what I said on here. Did I mention our carpet? About 18 months ago, we got new carpet. We made the last payment (it was an 18 month, no interest deal) in December. However, in the last few months, we had noticed some issues with it, particularly in the "transitions" spots...the part where it butts up against our kitchen tile. It happened in both the living room and our bedroom doorway. It pulled up, giving it a "bald" look in spots. It also left staples or something exposed which I think we all managed to step on a few times. Ow! Anyway, so Mark called the carpet company. And they came right before Christmas to check it out. Right away, they agreed it needed to be fixed. The head guy came out and he too agreed. So this past Friday, we got new carpet. They took the living room carpet and put it in our bedroom. Then they put new carpet in our living room. The only problem is that the carpet in the living room came from two different lots or whatever you call rolls of carpet. And there is a very obvious seam down the living room. Again, the carpet people agreed it needed to be fixed. However, it will be about a month before that happens. Meanwhile, I am slowly (and very slowly) putting things back knowing that in a month, we will have to empty out the room again. Ugh!

Have you seen "cuties"? Those little oranges or orange like fruits? My kids are addicted (all but Hunter who won't touch a fruit or vegetable). They are really easy to peel. We just have to give Child 4 an opening and he will have the whole thing peeled and sectioned in no time. He asks for them at every meal. I actually found myself saying today, "No, you cannot have any more cuties today. You will have to wait for tomorrow."

Uh oh, I am listening to the youngest. He is coughing quite a bit. Where did that come from?

Today I got to take a really long nap. That was a treat! During naptime, Mark took the big kids ice skating. Child 1 has decided he doesn't care for it. Child 2, on the other hand, loves it. She is already asking for her own ice skates (pink).

Today in church, our pastor started talking about adoption. Today was Sanctity of Life day (I think that is the right term), so he was talking about the option of adoption. He urged people to think about adopting. Then he invited anyone who has been involved with adoption to stand up. It was very emotional for me (and totally unexpected since we have never done that). Child 3 got the cutest smile on her face, kind of like "Hey, this is for me!". Needless to say, when I had that long nap, I dreamed about Guatemala. As usual, I dreamed we had gone back to visit and show our daughter where she came from. I hadn't had one of those dreams in a while but they are so real when I do. I was even panicked because I didn't remember taking my passport. I wasn't sure how I was going to get back into the US. Thankfully I woke up before it was a problem! :)

Quick Biggest Loser update...I don't weigh until Wednesday. And I really don't know what to expect. I cannot tell a big difference in my clothes, so I doubt I have lost much. I told someone that I am trying to eat smarter but I will not give up food completely (good food). I just really enjoy flavors! I am trying to eat smaller portions, more fruits and veggies, and limit sugar. I am limiting my soft drinks to one a day (with the exception of Friday when I indulged in two). I have also probably doubled my water intake. I have so far exercised every day since we started. I am just learning that I have to get up and do it...even if that means giving up other things (like the computer :). I am mainly doing a 30 day challenge on Wii Active which is quite a workout and supplementing with the elliptical, Richard Simmons/aerobics, and walking. I don't know that there is a big difference in how I look but I do feel better! (That being said, we had flank steak, potatoes, bread, and black eye peas for dinner...yum!)

Oh, before I go, and I do need to go...I have school tomorrow, I need to add a few more gratitudes. I keep forgetting which is a shame. We can always find things to be grateful for, right?

  • A husband who is willing to go out in the cold to grill flank steak for our families. And it was yummy!
  • A carpet company who wants to do it right. They could easily walk away but thankfully don't!
  • Pumpkin muffins. Oh, easy and so delicious. And I figure they cannot be too terrible for you. They have pumpkin in them, right???
Have a marvelous Monday!

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