Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trojan Wars

Well, it all started innocently enough. Last night, we did our usual busy routine. I had faculty meeting, so Mark picked the kids up. Then I headed out for a couple of errands (kid free...woo hoo!). When I got home, Mark and I enjoyed our sushi (while the kids ate their own dinners of choice). The sushi was my treat to myself for exercising every day last week! (I did go DOWN on the scale too...yippee!) I almost cried when the sushi was was so yummy. I hadn't had any in a while. At that point, I passed the "baton" (pretend one anyway) to Mark. He ran out the door and headed to church for a meeting. I was left to deal with the kiddos and bedtime. That hasn't been fun lately. The youngerwo have been SOOO tired and cranky at bedtime (which I even moved up a little this week). Tears everywhere...I wasn't far behind. It was not one of my finest Mommy moments. Finally everyone was in bed.

When Mark got home, we turned on the t.v. to watch a little American Idol. We had the DVR set for it. Mark checked the DVR list. No American Idol. It was going to be "our time" to relax and enjoy. I felt a sense of panic start to rise up. (We later found out that because the show wasn't coded as "new" even though all American Idol episodes are new, it didn't get recorded to our settings...bummer!) I decided to do an Internet search to see if anybody had it to watch. So I googled. That is when things went downhill.

I found a few sites that looked (on the surface) promising. I clicked on them. Uh oh. Fatal error. Okay, "fatal" may be a bit strong, but you get the drift. Shortly afterward I started getting these annoying pop up messages saying I had a virus on my computer. I had lots of plans for the rest of my night (besides watching American Idol which never happened), including starting up on my online Bible Study. Instead, I spent the rest of the night trying to clean up (without much luck) my computer. Unfortunately, while I could download malware programs, the virus/Trojan thing disabled it so I couldn't use it. When I tried to research how to get rid of it, the Trojan thing would re-route my website to something else. It was frustrating and annoying. I finally forced myself to go to bed around 2 this morning. Thus, no post yesterday! (I feel like the little kid standing in front of the teacher saying, "And that is why I don't have my homework..." :)

Needless to say, I am not having fun times with technology right now!

Okay, a quick cute story before I forget (and with only four hours sleep, that is a VERY likely possibility)...

Mark asked Child 1 after swimming this evening why he was such a bear this morning. I mean, it was stormy outside but that didn't mean it had to be stormy inside! Our son told him that he likes to sleep facing the north. And that is true. Anytime I go in there to say good night or pray with him, he is facing north. Well, apparently when he woke up this morning, he was facing the opposite direction. He was facing south. So, he told Mark that he apparently woke up on the wrong side of the bed! I think from now on, we will make sure he gets up facing north...

Speaking of the grumpies, the two youngest ones are about to do me in this week. They are both so tired and grouchy. There is NO reasoning with either one. I can't get them to bed early enough. I am hoping that next week will be a better week!

Well, this is short, but since I am on Mark's computer, I better get off and let him play for a bit. Plus I need a little more sleep tonight than last night!

PS In light of the not feeling so happy this week feelings, I better share a few "gratitudes"...
  • A friend who just e-mailed to let me know he got my computer cleaned up (which was badly infected). He is also going to fix my other computer/screen when it arrives. I am SO grateful for the help because I obviously don't know WHAT I am doing.
  • Losing some weight. I know that it won't always happen. And I just cannot give up all of my indulgences. But I am SOOO happy with losing what I did and hope it happens some more!
  • Crockpots. I ran home today and threw a Chuck Roast Barbecue in the crockpot. When we got home from school, I could smell that chuck roast cooking away. Oh yum! (The only bad thing is that I was hungry right away and had to wait a few more hours)


  1. BTW, try GSM blocker to disable all spy transmitters in your room or at work.

  2. Kid-free errands are very cherished around this house!


  3. Kid-free errands are very cherished around this house!



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