Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowed In

Okay, not really. A lot of snow melted already. Except I think we might be getting a dusting right now. Either way, we did not have school again today. I know a lot of people don't understand why. A lot of the roads were clear. However, there were still some slick spots. And asking parents all over the district to get out on those roads...well, I will just say I support the decision made! So far it has not been canceled for tomorrow, so we will see...

We have enjoyed our time at home. No, I don't really like that we are using up snow days. For some reason, I think we may have more snow this year than normal (number one piece of evidence...a white Christmas). At the same time, I cannot change the weather. So I just have to go with the flow. And not plan any summer vacations too early...

Mark asked me last night what I do with four kids at home all day. Before any bashing begins, I will say that he didn't ask me in an ugly way or even a questioning way as in questioning, "So, what did you do today, Honey?" It was more of a curious question. So for him (and you) is a short list of what I did today:

  • spent the first few minutes of my day chatting with our oldest and answering questions as I answered e-mails. It is rare that my first few minutes are my own. However, I know to treasure these moments because in a few years, I will be begging that child to talk to me!
  • fed four kids breakfast
  • cleaned up the kitchen after feeding four kids breakfast
  • folded a couple of loads of laundry, washed a couple more
  • assigned today's chores
  • helped child 3 with her chore (emptying the dishwasher)
  • answered e-mails
  • attempted to take a shower...I guess that was successful but I was told two tattles, gave a correction/instruction, and played games on the shower door to entertain the youngest all in the course of just a few minutes
  • signed a petition for a friend
  • served morning and afternoon snacks to J-man
  • supervised the girls' cleaning of their room
  • packed up some of the toys/books the girls decided not to keep after cleaning their room
  • tried the potty thing with child 4. He just isn't quite ready. The will is there but the timing is not. :)
  • sorted through the mail
  • fed four kids lunch (and got to eat a little lunch myself)
  • helped child 3 get dressed to play outside
  • answered American Trivia questions from a game that child 1 got for Christmas
  • helped child 2 with origami (from a kit she got for Christmas)
  • organized child 4's books
  • found homes for the big bag of stuff Mark emptied out of my van before our vacation
  • re-loaded the dishwasher
  • typed up a grocery list for Mark then asked him to pick up take out after he went to the store :)
  • brushed child 4's teeth, read bedtime stories, etc.
  • took a much needed nap
  • worked on catching up on newspapers from last week
  • worked on report cards and comments
  • took down the Christmas tree
I could probably go on but will stop. :) It is strange. It isn't like we have an overly structured day. Yet it is busy. I will start working on clothes, then get interrupted to change batteries in the youngest's Leapster, while the two girls come in with an argument about how to clean their room. I feel like I am going in circles sometimes!

I want to say a little about the place we stayed in Florida, but have to work on the pictures. My pictures are on the computer but they are playing hide and seek...I have to figure out where they went :)

Thank you for praying for Bonnie yesterday. I know she feels that. Please continue to pray for little Hannah's family too.

I usually do a Year in Review with pictures on New Year's. Like my "Christmas" cards, it is just may be a little late. I know you are just on pins and needles with excitement!

Okay, I am rambling. And since school has not been canceled, I better get to bed. I actually have to set my alarm! Hope I remember how to get to school...

More later,

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