Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Drive By Post

It is amazing how much more difficult it is to post when I am back in school. On Christmas break, I had all kinds of time to do it. I am back to falling asleep as I type.

Yesterday was our Weigh In day for our Biggest Loser contest. I think I have mentioned before that some of the teachers at our school pair up to see which team can lose the biggest percentage of weight by spring break. I knew that I had gained a little weight but I wasn't sure how much. In fact, I had gotten to where I wouldn't even look at the doctor's office if I had to weigh. I didn't want to know. Well, yesterday was the day I had to know. And I was NOT happy with the results. So I am feeling motivated right now. I did exercise last night. And I am keeping my Mountain Dew to one a day (preferably a small one). My hard part is the food. I do love food. I feel a lot of prayers for self control coming up!

Some quick follow ups...

I know you are just really wondering with a burning curiosity, but Ribby (the fish) is still swimming. A fish expert told a friend who asked for me that likely our house is too cold. I wouldn't dispute that. So we have been moving his bowl around to warmer parts of the house. He seems a bit happier. But of course, he is a fish, so you never know...

No, our car didn't not get towed at the Little House on the Prairie musical. When Child 2 and I walked out though, I was holding my breath as I approached the parking lot. I was SOOO relieved to see that little dirty minivan sitting there! (Who would ever think that would be a sight for sore eyes? :)

Child 4's first day back to "school" was predictable. He told Mark (through a lot of tears) that he didn't want to go there. But when I picked him up, he was fine. He still cries at drop off but then he still does it at church too. It seems to just be part of who he is. :)

The other kids settled right into school. They (especially child 3) are really tired at night, but otherwise, I think they were really ready to go back!

Okay, I must get up and at 'em. Today is a crazy busy day. School, gymnastics, basketball, haircuts, and of course, exercise in there head is just spinning!


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