Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's a Bust...

We had BIG plans for the weekend. This was going to be the Cloud house clean up. We have new carpet coming in this week (well, new "used"...we have some carpet issues and they are fixing it), which means we have to clean out a couple of rooms. We still have Christmas stuff down (not out, it is all on the dining room table). And I am in a constant state of organization. Or at least constantly LOOKING for the state of organization. So this weekend it would happen. Well. Maybe.

You see, we slept in this morning (just until around 8), which was much needed. It was a long week getting back into our routine after a three week Christmas vacation. Then, I had to (yes, HAD to) make some pumpkin muffins. They are hard to make throughout the week because they take 10-15 minutes to prepare, then another 30 to bake. After about a week, I am so ready to have some they are a family hit. Meanwhile, we had dishes that needed to be put away (from the dishwasher) with dishes in the sink ready to go INTO the dishwasher. Meanwhile, I took a few minutes of quiet time in my room (door closed and everything) to work on a meal schedule for the next week which leads to a grocery list. I originally intended to have a two week menu, but decided in the end, I can only do one week at a time at this point in time. Plus, I HATE having to have two carts.

Then we put on our running shoes. Mark took one to his swim team practice. I took the other three to Child 2's basketball game. She played well; I love to watch her play. Child 3 hung out with another kindergarten sibling (who happens to be in my class). And Child 4...well, he was all over the place. By the time the game was over, I was about as tired as the players. Keeping up with him is no easy task! (I try really hard to contain him which is a challenge with a toddler but I don't want to disturb anyone else)

After the game, my mom graciously agreed to keep the three kiddos so I could head to the grocery store with the before mentioned list in my hand. My big boys headed to the Razorback basketball game.

After we got home, the kids (two young ones) went down for a nap. I finished putting away groceries. That usually leads to a quick clean out of the pantry, lazy susan, fridge. I got started on some laundry. Then I got busy cooking (or getting started on) dinner. When Mark came home, he did do some work outside and in the garage. I just added to the dishes in the sink.

I went to visit a friend. leaving the kids to clean the toy room (under Dad's supervision). When I got home, it was almost time for dinner. Then it was bathtime (for the kids, not me), books, and bedtime. Suddenly it is 10 o'clock (okay, so I rested for about an hour, chilling with my iTouch and a rerun of Chopped), and I still needed to exercise.

Needless to say, not much was cleaned or organized today.

I want to be. Clean and organized that is. I want our house to be "homey" but also fairly organized. However, I have decided for this to happen, life is going to have to come to a standstill. Until then...well, we are doing what we can!

I am still working on the habit of sharing praises/items of gratitude. Here are today's:

  1. Getting to see a former student who was keeping the scoreboard at the basketball game. She was a delightful student and has grown into a precious young lady. Yes, young lady. She is a junior! How did that happen???
  2. Getting an e-mail from a co-worker sharing about a few of my former students. (She ran in to the sister of one who also happened to be the cousin to a couple more) I am so glad to hear how they are doing.
  3. A husband who steps in when I feel "called" to visit with hurting friends.
On this note, I must go for now. Have a wonderful Sonday, worshipping and praising His name. :)


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  1. Ok. I am tired just reading about your bust. LOL. I too have been busy trying to get my home in order. I have really bad OCD with my home and cleaning schedules...
    I hope you have a great week. Hey lets go back to Fla. ;)


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