Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad...

Okay, so it wasn't quite that bad. It was just a disappointing kind of day. a lot of little things that add up to a disappointed heart. First there was something at school that was a letdown. (I am not sure if it is the situation that is a letdown or the fact that nobody seems to want to help out) Then there were some grumpy children at my house. (Even after I made breakfast for dinner) Then I found out a family vacation I had been hoping for (more than I even realized) this summer (with extended family) will not happen after all. (I have been hoping for this for some time...guess I will hope for it some more) So I decided to go ahead and check out our own summer vacation (the beach, of course!). Well, while things were up in the air for us, apparently a lot of people figured out what they wanted to do. The place we stayed (and all of the other units there) are booked already. We were really happy there. Part of me just wants to throw up my hands and walk away, except the beach vacation is really one of the year's highlights for me. It is my chance to rejuvenate, awaken, and bask in His glory. Sigh. And my poor computer with no screen is still screenless...there are more delays with that too. Plus tomorrow is going to be a VERY long day.

Not a terrible day. Just not a fun one. A day of broken expectations and hopes and having to change my heart's plans...

Hoping for a better tomorrow.


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