Friday, January 29, 2010

Still holding on...

Our power, that is!

Unfortunately, the latest news (which is not from a news station but rather the updates on Facebook :) indicate that some power outages have occurred in our area. Ugh! Not again!

Oh, I am postponing my "special post" that I mentioned in my last post for a couple of weeks. I will explain more later. I am sure you were on the edge of your seat just waiting for it. :)

We have been hearing of a "winter storm" all week. All of this is on the anniversary week of the terrible ice storm we had last year (one that we as a community have not completely recovered from). The good news around here (or my little bit of hope) is that sometimes here in NWArkansas, we tend to overdramatize winter weather. I cannot tell you how many forecasts, actually...whole newscasts, I have seen dedicated to winter weather that just never happened. In fact, for a long time, if the forecasters (and I have nothing against them...I just think they have a tough job) declared winter weather was on its way, it was a guarantee that we would get NOTHING. Of course, since winter weather is not the norm around here, even if we get a half an inch, our area shuts down. We just aren't used to it nor really equipped for it.

Anyway, so yesterday all day at school, there was this buzz. The kids were giddy with anticipation. They told me all day, "We are having another ice storm, Mrs. Cloud!" My intern asked the kids to predict whether we would be getting snow this weekend. Only one student said "no". I even had kids asking me, "When is it going to start?" Apparently one of my teacher roles is forecaster. :) Anyway, we watched outside all day. I checked the radars all day. Before I even left school, I found out that all of the kids' afternoon/ evening activities (which includes gymnastics, swimming, and basketball) had been canceled. As soon as the day was over with, I left as teachers called, "See you Monday!"

When I picked up Child 4, it was starting to drizzle. It didn't seem like anything but rain. However it was pretty cool out. By the time we got home, the car and the ground were wet with bits of ice here and there. Last night we let the kids stay up, though part of me wondered if we had been blinded again by all of the hype. Apparently we hadn't. I went to sleep listening to ice pelt the windows. (By the way, I fell asleep at 9:30...a very rare occurrence for me!)

And now here I am today. School is canceled. (Thankful to know that before we went to bed last night...I love shutting that alarm off!) I think the ice has finally stopped and now a steady snow is falling. If we are going to have anything, I will take snow any day! Mark did go to work (I haven't found any weather that stops that man...not sure if he just really wants to work hard or escape us :). And the kids are enjoying electricity while we have it, getting Wii games in while they have the chance.

We are enjoying the lazy day.

Hope you are too!

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  1. Glad your power is holding. So far, so good here too. I love electricity!


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