Sunday, January 10, 2010

Probably Yes

This will be really short since I am REALLY going to school (unless I get REALLY sick) tomorrow!

We made it to church today! Yeah! With our travel and sickness, we hadn't been in some time. It felt good to be back. I think everyone was happy except for possibly child 4. He still (two years later) has difficulty going to the church nursery. It is a traumatic experience for him every time. He recovers though. I keep thinking he will grow out of it...

Mark and I had a date night tonight. That was a treat. Thanks to my mom and dad for watching the kiddos for us while we went. (and feeding them too) We just haven't had much "us" time recently. We thought about going to a movie but we decided to eat out so we could just talk...uninterrupted! That was a very nice treat. This time of year we like to look ahead at the year, goals, dreams, worries. We also talk a lot about the kids (same things...goals, dreams, worries...). I don't think we solved the world's struggles or anything but it was nice time. And the food was really good too. We went to a place called Crabbys. It is mainly seafood, though we had steak with a lump crab topping. I also had a yummy wedge salad. The waiter also told us that tomorrow they are going to start serving lobster bisque. I told him I was really sad to miss that...I LOVE lobster bisque. He brought me a little "sample" (a small bowl of it)...yum! I had thought I would eat dessert because tomorrow I must start eating better and exercising. (I know for most New Year's resolutions start on January 1 but for me, I follow a school schedule.) However, in the end, I was way too full and couldn't. That was sad.

Another sad thing is that Mark took my other laptop (which has most of my pictures on it) to a friend to install the new screen. Guess what? It was the wrong screen. :( It was SO close...the product number is one number off. That was a bit of a bummer. So now I will have to send that one back then wait for the new one...sigh.

Oh, and the title? Our youngest's word of the week is "probably". I will ask him if he is hungry. He will answer, "Probably yes." I will ask him if he is tired. He will answer, "Probably no." Tonight he was saying that he wanted to go "there" as he pointed to a picture of a Lego pirate ship. I answered, "Oh, you do?" He responded, "It is probably a fun place to go..." or something like that. I don't know where he got it, but it is so cute hearing him say it.

On that note, I must get to bed. I actually have to set the alarm. Night night!

Oh, you might say a prayer for child 4. He is going back to school after a three week break. He doesn't do well with separation (as noted above) especially after that long of a "break". Or maybe you should pray for his teachers...



  1. That is probably one of the cutest thing I've heard this week! Hope everyone's first day back is going well!

  2. How did Joshua do at school? I am worried about Carson going back tomorrow as you know we are having concerns with his "hitting".
    Well, we had a great time in Fla however the weather was so stinkin cold. UH! I thought of you often when I was walking around a few of the parks wondering if you rode this or that, ate here or there....


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