Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hopes of all hopes...

that the winter weather predicted for us for this weekend is not nearly as much or as bad as we have heard! This time last year we had the famous Icegate. Now they are using that "i" word again. And they are also using such dirty words as "power outages", "being prepared", etc. I cannot tell you how many posts on Facebook were about people stopping at the store on the way home and finding the shelves wiped out.

We are not totally naive. We realize that there is some storm making its way across the states. We will likely see something. And Mark did go ahead and run to the store for some "essentials", like milk and bread which we always need anyway. Child 2 was going to charge her Nintendo DS just to be prepared. And Child 1 has a flashlight ready (one of those that you crank up). So we are prepared physically. But mentally? Not!

I only have a few minutes, then I must prepare for the day. I wanted to type last night, but I collapsed out of exhaustion. I even missed exercising last night...I just didn't feel 100%. (and no, it wasn't because I felt discouraged from the weight I GAINED last week!) Now I am waking up with a big headache to start the day. Off to a good start. :)

I better do my gratitude journal before I sink back into a pity party like the other night :)...
  • The youngest is still walking into daycare happy! His first words when we pick him up? "I not cry, Mommy, I get to play my Leapster!"
  • Heated seats in my van
  • Friends at school who encourage me in my exercise and my diet
  • my co-workers...even staying until after 6 for a meeting (making up one of our snow days/missed inservice) isn't too bad when you have co-workers to share with and learn from
  • teachers who love my kids and have high expectations for them
Do you have any gratitudes to add?

More later...

There is something special about the next post...guess what it is?


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